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the white house thinks can turn the tide on syria. >>> president obama, the week since he announced he would be seeking congressional approval for a u.s. military strike against syria has been a long one. the math is not on his side. we'll have more on those numbers in a moment. to understand just how important it is to the president to wrangle all of the support he can for military intervention, we first need to not how is he trying to win those votes. the obama administration's desire to retaliate against
on in the world, you've got a business. >> president obama even mentioned the technology in his 2013 state of the union address as part of a hopeful vision of america having a competitive advantage in manufacturing again. >> once shuttered warehouse is state of the art lab where workers are mastering the 3d printing. >> for the savvy entrepreneur, 3d printing presents a huge shift in the way things are created. . >> it's an opportunity to give entrepreneurs access to the same technologies that historically were only reserved for big pocketed companies. it's become a real catalyst for entrepreneurs and start-ups and an opportunity to imagine every activity around us. >> we visited the first inside printing conference and expo in new york city to get a firsthand look at this emerging technology. >> this is a pitted bracelet with moving parts. it's all printed in one piece. >> if you've never seen a 3d printer, here's how it works. >> it draws a picture in plastic. and the way it does that, it pulls plastic in from a spool and squirts it through a nozzle. it draws another picture in plastic o
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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